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Activity Report 2005-06

Important Activities Report of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department for the Year 2005-06 

To improve the Socio-economic standard of the general public, different Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development Programmes are being implemented through A.H. Department. By these programmes the unemployed youths are getting employment opportunity.

To provide nutritional food, the department aims at increasing the milk, egg & meat production of the state through scientific breeding , feeding and management practices. The Artificial Insemination Programme is one of the most important activities along with disease control programmes i.e. treatment, preventive vaccination. Fodder development is also one of the activity. For upgradation of local stock Artificial Insemination through Frozen Semen Technology has been adopted in the State.

During this period the activities of the department are as follows:

1. No of Frozen Semen A.I centres 2310
2. No. of Cows & Buffaloes Artificially Inseminated 573922
3. No. of cross-bred progenies born 242538
4. No. of Animals Treated ( in ‘ 000 Nos) 4719
5. No. of Animals vaccinated ( in ‘000 Nos) 11427
6. No. of Animals treated against Infertility ( in Nos) 44296
7. No. of Animals Castrated ( in ‘000 Nos) 473
8. Milk Production during the period ( 000’ M T ) 1172.15 
9. Egg Production during the period ( Million Nos) 1190.07

Production of Vaccines

There are two Biological Products Institutes at Bhubaneswar and Berhampur functioning in the state. During the period the following vaccines are produced and supplied to different districts for vaccination.

H.S.Vaccine (Alum )  4892100 doses
B.Q.Vaccine  3527000 doses

Production of Liquid Nitrozen (LN2)

There are 13 LN2 Plants in the State out of which 8 Plants are functional. But the production in the plant has been restricted owing to cost factor. The LN2 production during this period is 14482 Litrs which was supplied to different districts for preservation of Frozen Semen straws for AI.

Dairy Development

During the current year 2005-06 Govt. of India have sanctioned 2 projects under IDDP Phase V and VI at a total project cost of Rs.56.16 lakhs and Rs.563.97 lakhs respectively. These projects will assist for dairy devt. activities such as creation of infrastructure and strengthening of Dairy and chilling plants. IDDP phase V is being implemented in the districts of Baleshwar, Bhadrak and Mayurbhanj and so far an amount of Rs.221.63 lakhs has already been released by Govt. of India. IDDP phase-IV is being implemented in the districts of Balangir, Nuapada and Kalahandi. So far an amount of Rs.261.33 lakhs has already been released by Govt. of India. OMFED is the implementing agency for both these projects.

Poultry Development

Action is being taken to strengthen the departmental Poultry & Duck Breeding Farms of the state through Govt. of India financial assistance. Recently Similiguda Poultry Farm restarted to function. 

Fodder Development
During this period under report 7437 number of minikits have been supplied to farmers for Kharif season from State Fodder Seed Production farms. Where as for Rabi seasons 19500 minikits have been supplied by Govt. of India.

Livestock Breeding Farms

1. No. of Breeding Farms 8
2. No. of Cows in milk 169
3. No. of Dry Cows 105 
4. No. of Heifers not Calved 178 
5. No. of Bull Calves 47
6. No. of Suckling Calves 137
7. No of Bullocks & others.
8. Milk production 383351 Ltrs

Small Animal Development:

The department is having 2 Sheep breeding farm, 6 Goat breeding farm,2 Piggery breeding farm to supply graded progenies to the beneficiaries for up gradation of local breeds. It has been decided to strengthen the existing Small Animal Farms of the state in phased manner.

Information and Propaganda

In order to create awarenes among the masses on A.H activities, the Department is conducting regular Exhibition, Audiovisual programmes, propaganda through A I R and Door Darshan including publication and free distribution of Booklets, Leaflets and Posters. During the month the achievements are as follows:

Electronic media cover

1. No. of Programmes broad casted in AIR 94
2. No. of programmes Telecasted in Door Darsan , Bhubaneswar 63 
3. No. of Radio spots broadcasted 56
4. No. of messages telecated 6
5. No. of phone in Programme in AIR
6. No. of Doordarshan Programme telecasted 138
7. No. of phone in Programme in DDK 1
8. No. of Film shows conducted 4
9. No. of documentary CD prepared 1

Print media covered

1. No. of Printing materials distributed 171924
2. No. of A.H bulletin (bi monthly) distributed 12174
3. No. of Advertisement floated in news paper 12
4. No. of articles published 24

Other activities:

1. No. of Farmer’s training Programme organised 87
2. No. of Go Sambardhana week celebrated 9
3. No. of animal health camps organised 68
4. No. of cattle show Organised 8
5. No. of exhibitions conducted 4

Utkal Gomangal Samiti

The aim and objective of the Samiti is to promote A.H. activities in the state by providing graded bulls for natural service in the interior areas of the state. The organisation has produced and supplied 4285 Qtls of mixed cattle feed to the departmental farms and Frozen Semen Banks. 12 Buffalo bulls have been purchased.

Society For Prevention Of Cruelity To Animals. ( Spca )

The aim and objective of the SPCA is to prevent animals and birds from cruelty as well as to provide help to distressed animals. During this month under report the SPCA has prosecuted 833 nos. of cases under provision of PCA Act, 1960 and Rs.54425/- have been collected as fine. Rs.937/- has been collected and deposited as users charges. 

Integrated Sample Survey

It is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme with 50% Central assistance. The aim of the scheme is to estimate the major livestock products such as milk, egg and meat through Sample survey technology. So far 900 villages have been enumerated for detail survey. It is estimated from the survey that 1172 TMT of milk and 1190 million eggs have been produced in the state during the period under report. During the month of February;06 a workshop cum training programme on sampling methodology was conducted at ADRI Phulnakhara 

Special Development Programme.

1. Kbk Programme:
For implementation of Animal Husbandry & Dairy Dev. Programme in KBK districts an amount of Rs.150.00 lakhs have been allocated during current financial year to take up the following physical programmes.

    (Rs in Lakhs)
1.  1. Construction of 4 LAC building Rs.12.00 
2. 2. Construction of 4 V.D building Rs.28.00 
3. 3. Training of Self Employed L.Is Rs.10.00 
4. 4.Marketing support to OMFED in KBK District  Rs.100.00

Out of the above annual financial allocation,the Government has sanctioned Rs. 25 lakhs for Marketing support to OMFED in KBK district under RLTAP, specifically Rs.10 lakhs for Koraput & Nawarangpur each and Rs.5 lakhs for Malkanagiri.

Under NPCBB (National Project for Cattle & Buffalo Breeding) necessary steps have been taken for engagement of “GO-MITRA” under self-employment programme to provide Doorstep AI facilities to the farmers. Gomitras are being trained before their engagement. Action has been taken to provide refresher training to VAS/Livestock Inspectors under NPCBB Programme. 63 buffalo bulls have been supplied for natural breeding purpose.

A centrally sponsored plan Scheme- Assistance to State for Control of Livestock Diseases” is functioning in the state with a provision of Rs. 387.00 lakhs with Rs.300.00 lakhs of Central assistance during 2005-06. Under this programme action is being taken to strengthen the Biological Product Institutes for production of adequate preventive vaccines and to strengthen the Disease Diagnostic Laboratories of the state.

4. I.T. Technology
Under the IT Programme OCAC is entrusted for the work of computer automation of this Department . The proposal submitted by OCAC for implementation of computerisation in the department involving networking & web site development amounting Rs.60,98,148 /- is approved and the work is in progress.

Directorate of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services: Orissa: Cuttack.
No. XIV(B)-9/04-  /Vet. Dated
The Under Secretary to Govt. of Orissa,
Fisheries & A.R.D. Department, Bhubaneswar.
Sub:- Important Activities Report of the Department for the year 2005-06(up to Jan’06).

I am to inform you that the Annual Progress report of on-going important activities and developmental programmes of A.H.& Vety. Department for the year 2005-06(up to Jan’06) is already submitted to Government vide this office letter No. 502/Vet. Dt.21.2.06. How ever a copy of the aforesaid report is annexed here with for favour of information and necessary action.

Encl: As above. Yours faithfully,


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